The Album

Rage Against HS2 Album Cover
Why an album? - Music is therapy.

Album ready for pre order
Launched 1 May

With such a destructive and heart breaking project we want to bring out the light in the campaign. Music art poetry and theatre has been very therapeutic for many campaigners and activists. It is expressive and also raises awareness of the project and ecocide in a climate and ecological emergency.

The album is a range of genres which reflects the diversity of our campaign and we hope to release further albums for as many people to have a voice who wish to express their rage against HS2 through music and poetry.

This album is not for profit and a diverse mix of established and new artists from a variety of genres and backgrounds. We have music and poetry from artists living in occupation of the protest camps in the woodlands and from supporting artists opposed to the HS2 project. The songs are a mixture of topics ranging from being directly about HS2, to anti capitalism and anti facist content to ecocide and destruction of the planet and then also general positive songs about positivity and being strong and determined to achieve something you want.

Order the album from rageagainsths2.bandcamp.com

Please be aware you can not purchase the album through the gofund me link.

Album Credits

  • HS2 Ball - Lesley and the Bovans
    Track:HS2 Ball
    Album: HS2 Ball
  • Eco War - Inner Terrestrials
    Words: Jay Terrestrial
    Music: Inner Terrestrials
  • They Cant Stop you - The Musical Slave
    Track: They can´t stop you
    Artist: The Musical Slave
    Album: They can´t stop you
    Licensed by The Orchard Music on behalf of Freed Slave Records
  • The Distance - Freeman
    Track:The Distance
    Credit: Constantine Pope & Mike Ladd
  • HS2 Blues - Hawk Howard
    Track: HS2 Blues
    Artist: Hawk Howard
  • Digging a Hole - Jimbino Vegan
    Track - Digging a hole
    Artist: Jimbino Vegan
    Recorded in harwich by Frank Weatherley
    Tuba and guitar and vocals - jimbino vegan
    Tenor sax - Frank Weatherley
  • Stand up, Lay down,Dig in - Dr Jaxon’s Elixir of Life
    Title: Stand Up, Lay Down & Dig In
    Artist: Dr. Jaxon's Elixir Of Life
    Written & Composed by: Allan Jackson
    Produced by: Matthew Large
    From the album: Songs Of Love And Rebellion
  • Treesong - Rosaleen Donnan
    Track: Treesong
    Written, performed, recorded, produced by Rosaleen Donnan
  • An introduction to ... The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day -
    words by Peter Linebaugh, music by anarchistwood featuring Johnny Deluxe
  • This side of london - Declan Millar
    Track: This side of London
    Artist: Declan Millar
  • Save that tree - The Trees
    Track: Save that tree (Melanie)
    Artist: The Trees
    Written by Christopher Sidwell.
    Published by Glasslips Records / Sonar Music.
    Produced by Paul Sampson
    Album: Here come the Trees
  • Not today - Miriam Instone
    Track: Not Today
    Artist: Miriam Instone
  • Leave the fucking trees alone - Woody
    Track: Leave the fucking Trees Alone
    Artist: Woody
  • In the belly of the beast - Cara Means Friends
     title is 'Belly of the Beast'
    Artist - Cara Means Friend
    Songwriter - Cara-Jane Murphy
    Recorded at London Road Studios (2019)
  • I cant believe its not better - The Blunders
    Artist - The Blunders
    Track - The Outrage Industry
    Album 'I can't believe it's not better'
    (copyright)+(publishing) the blunders 2021
  • Bring the fire - Mad dog collective
    Track: Bring the Fire
    Artist: Mad Dog Collective
    Lyrics: Jamie D
    Drums, Bass, Guitar: Fred, Ian, Rob
    Sax and Trumpet: Chaz and Jo
    Feat: Archie
  • Unite and Fight - Iza Moon
    Track: Unite and Fight
    Artist: Iza Moon
    Recording/Production: Chris Startup

Further Credit:

Track: Gary Lesley Bovan

Performed by: Lesley and the Bovans fireside with friends

Credits: Julie, Jilted john and Gordon ta for the musical drama.

Mainly thanks to Gary Lesley Bovan (National Eviction Team) director of client care - the apple in my eyes. Also, Steve Collins - National Eviction Team climbing leader and baby handler, my heart is also yours. Huge love to Karle and Jellytot who carry the physical burden of our collectively damaged noses and thumbs. Larch, diamond - Ta love! Endless appreciation to everyone continuing the fierce optimism and relentless love in the face of state violence, everywhere. Without it we’re nothing but bailiffs. A final gushing thanks to the Secretary of State. This eviction wouldn’t have been the same without you.