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1. Activist burnout and wellbeing

We aim to support anyone suffering rage, anger, grief and/or burnout on the protest campaigns; not just limited to the protest camps.

Many people are dedicating their whole lives to the protest and don’t necessarily live full time on the protest sites. We refer to those people as transient persons and the workshops will be open to all.

We aim to source and fund over heads for workshops at camps and protest events and festivals, resources for camps for example books on related topics, and shared burner phones for activists to stay in touch with loved ones and access certified helplines or therapists / ring their GP and so on.

The ways in which this section of the fundraiser are not limited and will change with the needs of people but within the remit of dealing with rage, grief and burnout.

“Too often, the people doing the most to take care of the world do the least to take care of themselves. It happens far too frequently that a dedicated activist suddenly (or not so suddenly, for those who know them best) burns out and disappears from public view. This scenario is common enough, and represents a large enough threat to our collective success, that it warrants serious discussion and soul-searching within our movements. Specifically, we need to talk about how to take care of ourselves and each other so we can stay involved for the long haul.”

Reference - https://www.beautifultrouble.org/toolbox/#/tool/burn-brightly-but-dont-burn-out 
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2. Holistic remedies and first aid for protest camps

Protest camps are run solely on donations. Health and wellbeing is vital to the people in occupation and it can be easy to neglect your needs when living and breathing the fight on the front line.

We want to supply camps from small independent businesses with holistic remedies, homeopathy and aromatherapy plus essential first aid kits for minor injuries.
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3. Community gardens and similar rewilding projects in areas affected by hs2

HS2 is not going to be carbon zero for at least 120 years and currently 111 people per day die of air pollution in the UK, 26 of which live in London.

HS2 is desecrating the countryside and our environments in the biggest destruction of land since WW1. We are in a climate and ecological emergency and it is the children who will have to deal with the consequences of the state of the planet we leave behind for them.

We want to use this campaign to raise awareness through the events and album and similar and the money raised to be used for rewilding and community gardens in areas hit by HS2 the hardest and areas the most polluted. Especially those who work with children. This will be for example but not limited to buying healthy soil to grow in, seeds, saplings and gardening tools.

Often it may be that we donate a lump sum to a project to use as they need. We also aim to support wildlife hospitals in the areas where HS2 is destroying the animal’s homes.

The number of projects and amount will depend on the money raised in this campaign and will be not be regular for a specific project but as one off acts of support according to what we have available. We don’t have the capacity to take applications for support but will source projects ourselves.
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4. Our Audio Outreach campaign!

We are launching an Album called Rage Against HS2 (issue1) on May 1st 2021. This is a various artists album mixing music and poetry both from artists living in occupation on the protest camps and from artists who oppose the HS2 scheme and the wider battle against the destruction of the planet. Click here to read more about the Album or click here to pre-order

Also follow us on Bandcamp: rageagainsths2.bandcamp.com

As well as the album we will hold live streaming events of artists performing and as we develop we’d like music events and similar. As we develop we would also like to invest in branded merchandise to sell at protests and outreach events to help raise awareness and spread the word as merchandise is visual outreach.

We are open to proposals from people wanting to self organise and put on fundraisers to support this campaign in the form of art music poetry and theatre, and with rewilding projects and more - send us your ideas!! email us - rageagainsths2@protonmail.com

Go Fund Me

To donate to our campaign please go to our bandcamp link to purchase the album. CDs and merchandise will be available to buy at outreach but not online at this stage.

Our finance statements will be available to view online once a month. We are crowdfunding to for start up costs for the campaign, CD printing, website set up and domain, T-shirt printing and other merchandise for outreach, and to set up an outreach stand, eg a gazebo, banners, paint, posters, display boards, photo printing, handouts, megaphone, speaker, solar panel, and so on. 

We need these things to set up and begin to spread the word about HS2 and widen the public support. If you can donate physical items instead of money please email us! Please donate what you can or share the link: 




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